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Space domain offers development opportunities for kids - Interview with a little space passionate

As space non-profit organisation, APECS is looking to found a space community where people of all ages can share ideas and support each other.

One of our smallest protégé so far is Stephanie Lichi, who is very passionate about astronomy. Stephanie is a Romanian girl, in the seventh-grade school and she lives in Belmont, Massachusetts. Although she is very young, she is already looking for a career in the space field and has begun to look for opportunities to learn more about it. We have had a little chat with Stephanie, and we are inviting you to read more about what introducing kids to space means.

Stephanie: What I like most about space is that the more I learn, the more I realize there are many exciting aspects to discover and learn about. Doing research develops a new way of thinking. Discoveries of faraway galaxies and distant stars, rockets and constellations are just the beginning of the infinite possibilities to explore.

Visiting Kennedy Space Center, a few years ago, was my first tangible experience with space objects: seeing a space shuttle in front of my eyes was a life-changing experience. This sparked my interest further in studying, and that`s when I decided to dedicate my career to the space field.

APECS: What are the opportunities that space domain offers to a teenager like you?

Stephanie: Here, in the U.S., there are plenty of opportunities: before the pandemic, I was planning to go the Space Camp organized by NASA; the chance of meeting Thais Russomano, scientific researcher, through APECS and the opportunity to answer these questions are ways to stay connected with my passion.

APECS: Although you are so young, two of your articles about space were already published on a specialised blog. What motivates you from such a young age to invest time in this sector, and what does this collaboration mean to you?

Stephanie: Since I was little, I was fascinated by space. As I grew older and started learning more, my passion for astronomy grew. I am fortunate to live in a time when access to resources is easy. I see this collaboration as a chance to share with others what I’ve already learned.

APECS: How is it to be in contact with space experts? What have you learned?

Stephanie: Success stories have always inspired me, and being in contact with space experts is a great opportunity to keep myself motivated to study more. Thais Russomano, for example, as a space doctor is always inspiring through her work and unique knowledge she possesses. I am also following the work of other space experts I am not in touch with, such as astronauts.

APECS: What inspired you to write those articles?

Stephanie: The effort of all the specialists involved in the space field deserves my respect and I believe all of us should appreciate that. My first article is my thank you note to all those brilliant minds who work to help us understand and have access to the space domain.

My second blog post, about constellations and stars, was inspired by my desire to learn more about space. The more I researched about constellations, the more I found-out different pieces of knowledge that I wanted to share with others. I really love writing blog posts and I look forward to publishing more.

APECS: How would you convince a friend of yours to explore the outer space?

Stephanie: First off, I would share how rewarding this passion is: there is always something to discover and explore. Also, space is never boring: rocket launching, planned trips to Mars, news about astronauts, all these are what keeps us engaged.

Secondly, I would emphasize what an impact on our society would be to make a change in this field.

So, please join our space community and if you want to read Stephanie's first space articles, click the links below:

Enjoy your reading!

This is Stephanie, while visiting Kennedy Space Center

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