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S P A C E   I N D U S T R Y   

M E M B E R S H I P 




1.    “Member of the Space Industry Member” badge for your website

2.    International advertising on our website - your logo and a short description of your company(40 to 100 words according to your membership plan 
3.    Free access for your employees at the APECS events, according to your membership plan 

4.    Free access at APECS networking events according to your membership plan
5.    Opportunity to meet and acquire talents
6.    Opportunities to meet leading figures in space policy, business, technology, science, and exploration
7.    Opportunity for your voice to be heard, to contribute and create solutions for the space sector
8.    Your experts promoted in our panels

9.    Automatic registration for the Space Business of the Year (honorific award)



    NGOs: 100 RON/year (20 euros for 1 representative)
    Universities: 500 RON/year (100 euros for up to 3 Representatives)
    Small Companies up to 10 employees:  1.000 RON/year (200 euros for up to 3 Representatives)
    Medium Companies with 10 to 100 employees: 1.500 RON/year (300 euros for up to 5 Representatives)
    Large Companies larger than 100 employees: 2.500 RON/year (500 euros for up to 10 Representatives)

Corporate Member


To register as a corporate member please complete the form below:


I agree to become a member, the membership is renewed annually (1st of January-31st of  December).


​I am aware of my right of cancellation at any time through an email sent to, in which case the fee paid or the remaining part of it will not be refunded.

​I have read and accepted the provisions contained in the APECS’ Statute published on the APECS’ website.


​I agree to pay the entire membership fee for the current year if I become a member during the year (according to art.9.1.2 of the APECS’ Statute).


I agree to display the “Space Industry Member” badge only during my APECS membership and with its immediate removal from all online or offline media without any prior formality from APECS.


I agree to provide my logo in electronic format, and to provide a description of my company for the APECS’ website to be displayed for advertising purposes as follows: 

-small companies (up to 10 employees): text of up to 30 words

-medium companies (10-100 employees): text of up to 50 words

-companies (over 100 employees): text of up to 80 words.

Associations / NGOs and Universities only benefit from the display of the logo.

APECS will not be held liable if the logo and text are not provided and has the right to refuse publication until remediation if the format or text does not meet the above conditions.


I agree to the appointment of one or more representatives according to the membership plan for free participation in APECS events as follows:

Associations / NGOs: 1 representative

Universities: up to 3 representatives

Small companies (up to 10 employees): up to 3 representatives

Medium-sized companies (10-100 employees): up to 5 representatives

Companies (over 100 employees): up to 10 representatives

Thank you!

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