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Outer Space Emotions - hybrid space art exhibition for World Space Week 2021

It is the second year, when, on the occasion of the World Space Week event, APECS organizes a hybrid space art exhibition.

World Space Week is dedicated this year to the women that have always been involved in research, technology and other space-related areas, and who have had a major contribution through their involvement and discoveries. Valentina Tereshkova, Katherine Johnson, Mae Jemison are just a few of the many women that have made history in the space domain.

To celebrate all the women in space, we have gathered a couple of space work arts.

We thank all the artists that have accepted our invitation to send us their work, to the members of the „I.D. Negulici” Cenacle and the Military Club Câmpulung (Romania).

A few words about our guest:

Sharon McKay (UK) is a Scottish Royal Scottish academy winner of the Gordon Smith award 2019, you can find her here.

„I sometimes feel I am on a Spacewalk observing life on earth in both wonder and disbelief, and how much has and will evolve whilst other things inevitably remain the same in terms of relationships and communication. Some images of life on another planet began to transpire into surreal oil paintings of family, children, animals, music and dance in the new future world.

My interest in current Space Exploration and strong, resilient communication skills of the astronaut have been the core of the current oil paintings. The art will be an evolving story of a rapid emerging new history of advancing technology and the necessity for human communication”.

Herve Cadiou (France) is a scientist and a beginner space artist, you can check out more of his work on Instagram.

The rest of the participants, members of the „I.D. Negulici” Cenacle, can be seen exposing live at the Military Circle in Câmpulung, Thursday, on the 7th of October, 2021, starting from 11:00 and can be contacted through APECS at:

Enjoy the space art journey!

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