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APECS & New Space

"New space" defines the new status quo of the space sector in which actors are no longer just states and of these only the few that could afford space programs, but also the private sector. Space has become a market open to business opportunities, and not only for Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson but also for startups in various branches of the private industry. The space domain is, therefore, interdisciplinary. It no longer belongs as we used to believe to astronomy, physics, mathematics and space flight, but includes specialists in more terrestrial fields such as engineering, medicine, law, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, insurance, biology, chemistry, geology, data, computer science, statistics, art, design, media, architecture, ethics, mining and more. So, if you are a space enthusiast, there is a place for everyone in this field.

We set up APECS in 2018, identifying the need to have a Romanian platform to unite space enthusiasts. Together we wish to promote the exploration and research of outer space, the development of associated technologies and their applications in everyday life because, currently, we use space technology without even being aware of it. But more than that we want to facilitate access to information and networking in the space community.

The format of this blog will include news related to the association's projects and new information similar to “did you know?”, questions and answers, exposed concisely to be pleasant and easy to read for the general public. We will start with basic legal information (the founders being lawyers by profession) and news commented by the members of our association. Anyone who wants to get involved and publish a space-related article on this blog is welcome to do so. In this matter, you can contact us by email or phone.

Let us look up to the stars to see the future of humanity!

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