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The importance of STEAM education. APECS STEAM AMBASSADOR

We hear about STEAM more and more often, but what is it? STEAM is actually the abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

As the jobs of the world we live in are getting more and more complex, students need to develop abilities through a variety of complex and multidisciplinary activities. STEAM is the way in which students can explore the connection between school subjects and real life. It is an excellent modality for kids and young people to develop from a young age the hard skills (writing, reading, computer programs etc.) and the soft ones (communication, listening etc.), interdisciplinarity, to become more analytic and problem-solving oriented.

Studying STEAM has become a priority worldwide. This is the reason why this type of educational program is being adopted in countries like the USA, Germany, South Korea, and many more.

According to a Microsoft study, 78% of college students decided to study STEM in high school or earlier, and 21% in middle school or earlier.

Another sensitive subject is the low number of females employed in STEAM fields, comparing to the male employees. We need to give girls and women equal opportunities and get them to be more interested in STEAM disciplines.

This is one of the reasons APECS is launching the program: "APECS STEAM AMBASSADOR" to support and attract all the youngsters and their teachers and keep growing the number of STEAM enthusiasts.

What is an APECS STEAM Ambassador?

Is a student out of the ordinary, one that has extraordinary results in studying any of the STEAM education fields, who gained national or international contests, or is simply passionate out of this world.

APECS Steam Ambassador becomes a representative for our mission of gathering the greatest minds in the STEAM field. Join us for a different future!

The first APECS Steam Ambassador is Stephanie Lichi, a little space passionate we have taken under our wing. If you have not read out the previous interview with Stephanie, please do now: Space domain offers development opportunities for kids - Interview with a little space passionate (

Stephanie is very into mathematics and has recently received a diploma from John Hopkins, Center for Talented Youth, for her achievements in the 2020-2021 CTY Talent Research. The Center is created by Johns Hopkins University to provide extraordinary children with additional courses and access to advanced information in various fields.

We congratulate Stephanie and all the kids who are studying hard, and who are willing to find out more about the space field and STEAM.

This is Stephanie wearing our APECS


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