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Meet Our New STEAM Ambassador

Responding to the challenge to make the children, particularly girls, more interested in studying STEAM disciplines, APECS is extending its "STEAM AMBASSADOR" project with a new little ambassador, Alesia Maria Cristea.

What is a STEAM Ambassador?

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

According to our code of values, an APECS STEAM Ambassador "is a student out of the ordinary, one that has extraordinary results in studying any of the STEAM education fields, who gained national or international contests, or is simply passionate out of this world."

The APECS Steam Ambassador becomes a representative to our mission of gathering the greatest minds in the STEAM field.

Let's meet Alesia:

She is a very competitive 8 years old Romanian girl passionate about mathematics and space. She is already familiarised with the basic notions about space and has recently won her first school math contest.

"About mathematics, I like both the process of multiple calculations and getting the final result", she confessed.

She is so eager to share her discoveries that almost every conversation with Alesia leads to math and its wonders. Hence, she took the challenge to share her world of wonder and curiosity and promote math amongst other children.

Her message to them is: "math is useful in any future career you will decide to pursue".

We congratulate Alesia, welcome her into our STEAM team and wish her success in her new endeavours!

Join us for a different future!

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